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'As the tension mounts, an hilarious and warming story emerges … A wonderful adventure. We'll be looking for the next volume.'
The School Librarian

'…a series of hair-raising, humorous escapades on the high seas.', '…addressed with humour that is accessible to both reluctant and avid readers. Cheeky drawings in the style of grade-school doodles add to the general appeal of the tale.'
School Library Journal

'Cowell works very hard to envelop events in a mantle of farce…but beneath it all, this is a semiserious exploration of what true heroism and leadership are all about.'
Kirkus Reviews

'This is a maniacally crazy story liberally spattered with appropriately riotous illustrations, lists and maps.'
Books for Keeps

' a wonderfully vibrant story, illustrated with the author's hilarious drawings, and told with a delightfully gobby sense of humour that will amuse parents and children alike.'
Books Quarterly

'Everything about this burgeoning series, from the author's mad drawings to her sympathy for a clever person forced to live with stupid ones, is irresistably witty'. 'Cowell is a new star in children's fiction.' Amanda Craig, The Times

'It had my son reading for 6 hours without even thinking about his new computer game.'
Amanda Craig, The Times

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